Your Project Trusted Partner for Diverse Success


Our professional staff has effectively and successfully completed 1,000’s of projects covering small scope / small value single action projects, to large multi-acre development projects with values more than the $1M range, to on-going maintenance programs. Our objective is to help you effectively meet your needs whatever the project.

We understand your needs and will do everything possible to be the partner of choice you can rely on to assist you in troubleshooting your problems, ensuring successful outcomes, and limiting project risks…whether it’s a single problem or a comprehensive maintenance program.

With 30 years of experience in project management, facilities maintenance supervision and program support, and contractor/vendor management Huie Services is the right Choice!

Finding a Trusted Partner for Solutions


Ask yourself…have you ever been in a Board Meeting discussing maintenance issue, but no one is certain:

  • what’s causing the problem,
  • what should be done to correct the problem, or
  • should you check similar areas on the property for the same problem?   

…The first solution may be to just call a contractor. The contractor may end up selling you something that you hope will help, but, will that really fix the issue…it’s not a sure thing.  

It’s at times like this that you could really benefit from a partner with your best interests in mind who has the construction and facility support knowledge and experience needed to examine your problem and provide you with a reasonable solution.